How to sell jewellery without the struggle?


Because you don’t wear it anymore, you may want to sell the vintage brooch or the diamond ring that inherited from an old ant or a grandmother? If you are wondering what are your best options, you will certainly find the answer in this article. 

It could be a real struggle to find the right place to sell your jewels; that is why at Vtreasures, we take care of everything for you. Let me explain the sale process that we are going trough to sell your pieces.


We organise a meeting with you to understand your needs and wishes, always considering the personal emotional and family history value of the object, whether you want to make the best deal out of this sale or prefer to sell it to a person who will care about this jewel as much as you did, or have it sold as fast as possible, we will consider your needs and demands. Whatever you prefer, we will suggest you the best option.


After this discussion, we first have your jewels appraised in order to know their exact value based on their condition, materials, stones, signatures, date, etc.... Be reassured that all pieces are secured and insured, while we appraised them in our office or at your home.


With our experienced knowledge of the market, we can then suggest you the best way to sell your pieces, may it be at an auction sale or a direct sale via our online boutique.


After choosing the best option, we take contact with the auction house or the buyer, do all the needed paperwork, transport, insurance and follow-up, so that you don’t have to deal with any administrative procedures. As experts, we keep your jewels safe during the different transactions.


The rules and ethics are always respected, we ensure a full transparency and discretion is assured.


With this complete service, we can ensure a custom-made sale matching your needs and guarantee you a safe sales process as well as an up-to-date certificate of appraisal. It has never been so easy to sell jewellery!

For any further information and to make an appointment for an advice session, don't hesitate to contact us at or +41 21 311 44 80.

Fanny Ducommun